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Taking India ahead with R&M Protein Bars

Taking India ahead with R&M  Protein Bars
16 Jan 2021

Do you feel lack of energy shortly after your routine work or feel need of outer motivation to keep going? If yes, definitely, you are missing out a right amount of a vital nutrient in your body, more specifically – The Protein, yes it’s that important.

It is quite obvious that when our body feels uneasy, we prefer to knock the door of doctor and start eating chemical compounds in the form of medicines. But, have you ever realized that uneasiness arise due to lack of essential nutrients in the body, out of which, protein plays a prime role in maintaining right nutrition and health. For this, you might be thinking that protein can be easily obtained from animal sources (meat, poultry, eggs etc.) and/or plant based sources (grains, beans, vegetables, nuts etc.) but reconfirm, can you really trust the source of these resources now? Here’s why Rennet & Micelle comes into picture.

Since lack of protein is life threatening itself, Rennet & Micelle Foods  feels greatly honored to serve the people with their protein needs wrapped in a coating of licking taste bite products. Leading with the thought of providing quality protein source, Rennet & Micelle Foods has always addressed myths around as well like Protein Supplements are for Gym/Fitness enthusiasts only; Vegetarians are not an eligible choice for getting adequate protein; a good amount of protein is required to build only muscular body etc.

For majority, thinking of protein means desiring for healthy skin, nails, and hairs; building muscles; and maintaining lean body mass while dieting but thinking of quality protein means eating protein packaged with appropriate quantum of fats, fiber, sugar, and more, that’s what we offer. As per findings of Observer Research Foundation (ORF), there is a lack of knowledge and consumption of protein in India with a global myth of weight gain. In the field of malnutrition too, India is taking its lead. Mostly children and vegetarians are the possible victims of protein deficiency due to unhealthy diet habits and low rich protein food consumption.

Therefore, with a vision to create awareness regarding the role of proteins in the human body in right quantity, various awareness programs are conducted under the initiatives of Indian Government. Getting inspired from such initiatives and providing the best quality products at an affordable range, Rennet & Micelle feels proud for its actions and takes an oath to be a great provider of rich quality protein products in form of delectable bytes.

But yes, of course, one has to eat it to believe it.