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Next Generation Protein Bars

Next Generation Protein Bars
3 Feb 2021


Next Generation Protein Bars

The most obvious feel of change comes in our mind when we start getting displeasure out of something. This is what has been happening with existing protein bars and that's why ABIX the simplest protein bar by Rennet & Micelle has come to the rescue.

What makes Rennet & Micelle’s Protein Bars different?

Rennet & Micelle challenges the formulation of existing popular brands of protein bars. The protein bars offered by other brands that serve as a healthy alternative contains saturated fats and high sugar. They also lack flavor and are either dry or have chalky textures. 

Although the sugar formulation was addressed by some popular brands by incorporating either sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners like - xylitol and sucralose etc. but achieving taste and an appealing texture that provides a sense of gut fullness with satiety has always been a dream for them.

This is where ABIX protein bars by Rennet & Micelle challenged everyone and became the Next Generation Protein Bars. With No added sugar, No preservatives, No added color, No gluten, No soy these bars are just made keeping in mind the taste and freshness of ingredients providing the purest form of food. Our mission is to make SIMPLEST PROTEIN BAR with best ingredients. We use real food to flavor our products: real cocoa powder, real dried fruits, natural spices & extracts. Each bar is made while keeping the sugar and net carbs in the low content.

We wanted to make the first protein bar where you actually crave second. Maybe even third (that’s totally a thing, No judgment!). It was also important for us to have clean and simple ingredients lists so that people can quickly scan the label and feel good about what they are eating.

What has made Rennet & Micelle come up with Next Generation Protein Bars?

As evident, most of the bars available are having low grade ingredients which mainly cause bloating and stomach ache. This has left a negative conception in consumer mind that eating protein bar is not a comfortable affair. We with our next generation protein bars we formulated the ingredients which were never used in India due to its cost and non-availability. We want the consumer to enjoy eating protein bar and relishing the health benefits. We want to change the concept of eating protein bar in India. Our main motive is to provide the healthiest and simplest ingredients with taste.  ABIX protein bars will give you required and sufficient nutrients while performing demanding work tasks along with great immunity for maintaining good overall health.

How Protein Bars a good alternative for your protein need in today’s time?

Snack formulations that provide ingredients with proven health benefits have always been on the list of favourites of food and fitness lovers. Moreover, due to a hectic and fast lifestyle, gaining health and eating nutritious food that can be easily and readily available is a need of everyone, and protein bars fully satisfies the desire. Especially, ABIX protein bars offered by Rennet & Micelle are a go-to snack for all fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders.In addition to this, the unique, indulgent, and unique flavour along with the textures of the bars catches attention to watch for.Also, the innovative flavour combinations, added nutrition and packaging are giving traditional protein bars a tough completion in every aspect – be it quality, nutrition, value, and money.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pack of ABIX the simplest protein bar right now.