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Health Starts With You..

Health Starts With You..
4 Mar 2021


This is what we strongly believe @ Rennet & Micelle and that's why we manufacture and promote only such products that not only speak of health but provide you with it - “the real HEALTH”.

And why we shouldn’t?

Having seen a horrifying pandemic of Covid-19 together taking toll all over the world and India thereby pushing immense loss in terms of human life and health, we consider it quintessential on our behalf to equip every individual  with great health and diet through our genuinely genuine Protein Bars – Protein 22 and ABIX Fresh Series that offers true health due to its high-quality ingredients and optimum nutritional value. 

Well, this is what good we think for you but if you are someone who abides by the formal language of diet and health; make sure to read the key reasons behind eating healthy and being healthy as it will tell you how Rennet & Micelle Protein Bars stand as warriors and supporters of your health and diet in today’s time.

Why eating healthy and being healthy is so important in today’s time?

With changing lifestyles and threats of chronic diseases, all of us need to eat and stay healthy. For that, eating healthy is fundamental to stable well-being and good health. Similarly, keeping yourself healthy ensures good physical; emotional and mental health which enhances your overall lifestyle. Thus, eating healthy and being healthy takes care of your whole life by taking care of you in entirety with great self-image, growth, and self-esteem and is exceptionally important in today’s time.

What are the key benefits of eating and being healthy?  

• Promotes great Heart health

• Reduces the Risk of Cancer

• Boost strong Cognitive development

• Stabilizes Gut & Stomach health

• Enhances Sleep Cycles & Mental health

• Prevention of Diabetes

• Maintains healthy Body Weight

• Improves Moods & Good Hormones

• Gives rise to great Bone density

• Slows down illness and aging

• Ultimate readiness for Next Generation health.

But, what to include in your diet and lifestyle for gaining great health?

Healthy eating habits and doing exercise – well this is something very common and obvious for the majority of us but doing obvious things has become a challenge nowadays due to modern patterns of living and no slow downing.

So, in that case, Rennet & Micelle Protein Bars – Protein 22 and ABIX Fresh Series does wonder by providing optimum nutrition value in terms of diet and genuine resources in terms of health in no time.

As we believe that eating and being healthy involves exercising with the intake of nutrient-dense foods like lean proteins, healthful fats, whole grains, vegetables and fruits from major food groups so our offered dietary products viz. Protein Bars eradicates trans fats, sugar, and added salt to maximum extent from your food with our Ireland & USA imported high-quality ingredients and nutrients thereby helping you easily grab a great diet for your great health under perfect pricing.

Since we genuinely support good health sources and resources so apart from our line of health-boosting Protein Bars, we have promoted all-natural sources of diet, that too with our not so promotional tag line - “Health Starts with you…” leaving completely up to you what you want to make part of your diet and health.

Here is a list of common dietary & healthy suggestions for you from Rennet & Micelle–

• Intake of high fiber foods

• Restricting the sodium/salt intake

• Eating whole grains; vegetables and fruits

• Fat-free and low-fat dairy products consumption

• Reduced saturated and Trans fat intake

• Limiting foods that contain added sugars

• Increased consumption of Calcium-rich foods

• Taking Food high in antioxidants

• Consumption of probiotics instead of prebiotics 

• Monitored calorie intake

• Dietary fiber for staying full for longer

• Lean proteins for weight management & loss 

• Avoiding fried foods

• Reduced alcohol and caffeine intake

Why you should consider Rennet & Micelle as your health partner?

The above suggestions will work wonders for you if you have trusted sources of dietary and healthy food. But, since we are aware of the reality of these sources in today's time, that's why we intend to make you question yourself once before grabbing anything anyways anytime.

Our realistic approach outstands all other existing protein bar brands. As Rennet & Micelle never fear to bring a true picture in front of you which is different from what has been told till now so we provide you true health and diet through our friendly Protein Bars that suits everyone in all terms; be it – the People; their Pocket; good Health; right Diet and perfect Nutrition.Don’t forget to check our ingredients list and nutrition label as we say only what we offer, unlike other protein bar brands. So, what are you waiting for?

Health Starts with you…grab it at Rennet & Micelle with its offered Protein Bars – Protein 22 and ABIX Fresh Series and make yourself healthy by eating healthy.Get on the top of your health and diet with your best health partner – Rennet & Micelle, popular promoter of the non-promotional tagline – Health Starts with you...