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Functional Hiit Workout

Functional Hiit Workout
10 Jun 2019


Ignored by most, the battle ropes are an excellent piece of equipment that will get your heart racing and body sweating. This is a great exercise to work your whole body. When performing double waves using battle ropes, remember the further away you are to the anchor point, the more challenging the exercise becomes.Grab hold of the battle ropes. Lean slightly forward, knees bent to partial squat position, keeping the back straight, chest proud and core tight. Try to keep hold this position whilst moving your arms up and down, making waves with the ropes. The aim is to get the waves to reach the end point.


A great way to mix up your workouts and move away from the conventional barbell. This intense exercise is a great conditioning tool for building strength and endurance.With your feet shoulder width apart get into a deep squat and place your hands under the tyre. Driving through the legs and hips lift the tyre up stepping forward and use your whole body to get it over.


Kettle bell swings are probably one of the most popular movements with a kettle bell as it can be used to build strength, endurance and power and at the same time recruit the whole body.Using both arms pick the kettle bell up from the floor, adopting a nice wide stance. Bend at the knee slightly pulling the kettle bell back between your legs to generate momentum. Drive the hips forward bringing the kettle bell up to shoulder height whilst keeping your abs braced. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement, then hinge your hips back, returning the kettle bell back between your legs and repeat.


A nice way to change up your deadlift. This exercise works exactly the same as the standard lift and should be considered as one of your key strength movements.Hold the bag in front you using the handles. Stand with feet hip width distance apart, knees slightly bent. Engage your shoulders, keep your back straight and core tight. Hinge your hips towards the back of the room. Naturally, while doing this, the core bag should lower towards to the floor. Pause then hinge your hips forward back to straight position. Throughout this movement, make sure you are keeping the bag as close to your body as possible.


The prowler is a great piece of kit to use to build strength, power, endurance and speed. Plus, they're great fun to use too! To up your cardio game, we're going to be performing prowler sprints. After loading the sled with an appropriate amount of weight, grab the bars, keeping your core tight and back straight. Drive your legs through the ground to move the sled and sprint to the end of the track. Try and move as fast you can, this move is all about generating power.

Complete each of these exercises for 20 seconds followed by 20 seconds rest, and repeat this circuit for 20 minutes.