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Fitness Tips For Busy Students

Fitness Tips For Busy Students
16 Jun 2019

Set yourself realistic goals

Having goals is great way to keep you motivated but the key is to not set yourself up for disappointment. Make sure you are setting challenging goals that are realistic and achievable at the same time. Every time you go to the gym, remind yourself of the goals you've set yourself to achieve to give purpose around your training. Need helping setting goals

Consider getting a personal trainer

We know this might sound out of reach on a student budget, but having a trainer can be a great investment, particularly if you're new to the gym. A personal trainer will be able to provide and support you with a personalised plan tailored to your goals, show you how to use the equipment correctly and give you invaluable training tips, and much more.

Keep active throughout the day

For the times you can't make it to the gym, try keeping active throughout the day. For example, you could try taking the stairs instead of taking the lift, take a break from studying by doing some bodyweight squats, catching up with a friend over a walk instead of sitting in a café.