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Choosing the Healthiest Protein Bar

Choosing the Healthiest Protein Bar
30 Mar 2021

Choosing the Healthiest and Best Protein Bars – Protein 22

It is no wonder that while doing a simple search on Google about whether protein bars are good for you or not, you will find n number of articles out of which the majority will come up with lines like protein bars are just another name of candy bars. Well, this is true for certain big and popular brands but Rennet & Micelle exclude themselves from that list.

Some protein bars which are available in the market have more sugar than the protein content. But a specific popular protein bar - Protein 22 by Rennet & Micelle contains 22 grams of protein and just 0 grams of added sugar, with 6 grams of net carbohydrates and up to 16 grams of fiber. Can you believe that?

Here are some useful tips on what to look for when buying the healthiest and best protein bars for consumption -

Make sure that bars have minimum added sugars. For this, firstly have a look at the ingredients list to tell if a bar is filled with added sugars. As they are listed in descending order, check out if the first ingredients are sugars and syrups. In the majority of brands, the sugar is from added sugars or else sugar alcohol  so prefer to choose the one that offers taste with no added sugar like Protein 22.

Try to grab bars with high dietary fibers. Apart from offering great health benefits like maintaining blood cholesterol levels, dietary fiber makes us feel full thereby removing hunger pangs and snack cravings. At a minimum, at least, a protein bar should offer 10g or higher dietary fiber.

Thinking about Protein sources is also important. Although a lot of research focuses on whey protein because of its unique & modern benefits it is another fact that different proteins have different outcomes. For example, for promoting lean body mass and muscle mass development, milk  proteins have also been considered great if obtained in pure and original form. So, it is suggested that choose a protein source that fits your pocket, needs, and lifestyle. In that case, you must opt for Protein 22 which not only boosts great health but is economical too.

Calorie count, fat content, and carbohydrates are few other factors that you must look for in the healthiest and best protein bars. As per research, don’t exceed calories count per bar beyond 300 unless your body demands it. This is why Rennet & Micelle Protein Bar - Protein 22 stands out amongst all other brands of protein bars as it offers the perfect ratio of essential bar content with high health and taste.

Bottom Line about Healthiest & Best Protein Bars

It truly matters that what you are giving to your body so that it can fuel further body growth; recovery, and overall health. So, choose the one that genuinely offers all packed in a bar of protein,   that is – Protein 22 of Rennet & Micelle.