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Can we substitute a meal with protein bar

Can we substitute a meal with protein bar
17 May 2021

Definitely you can, if the protein bar is worth it.

No wonder that in today’s time, there are plenty of good reasons to opt a protein bar as a meal substitute, be it - convenience, calorie count for weight management and lack of options, but it is more important to choose such a protein bar that proves to be an actual health provider in terms of nutrition.

Although regular meals have more advantages over protein bars but that depends on your meal quality and balanced diet too. So, in that case, protein bars can be the healthiest and appropriate alternatives.


General considerations about proteins bars –

A nutrition comparison of a protein bar and a healthy meal clearly tells that despite the fact that the bar lacks behind and the meal has higher amounts of beneficial nutrients. The bars contain whole food ingredients but most of them are not regulated and hence despite having a range of vitamins and minerals, they don’t necessarily substitute for natural and whole foods and especially for meals. Some bars have a lot of refined sugar which can not only spike your blood sugars but can also crash them further leading to drained energy and repetitive hunger in a short span of time.


True facts about existing protein bars -

Most of the protein bars in the Indian market are loaded with artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols and saturated fat. Moreover, they lack fiber to a great extent. In addition to minimal protein content, they come up with complicated nutrition labels and ingredients list that makes it difficult for a user to understand the true value of the protein bar. Along with this, identifying the macronutrients and foods like whole grains, fruits and nuts also becomes difficult when it comes to existing protein bars in the Indian market. Largely, the sources of the ingredients cannot be trusted.


Checklist for a Best Meal Replacement Protein Bar -

• A meal replacement protein bar must be made using high-quality protein sources. As a matter of fact, Rennet & Micelle protein bars make use of an exclusive protein blend that is imported from nations like the USA and Ireland. The protein blend is made up of Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Concentrate, and Whey Protein Concentrate – all functional proteins. Thus, only such protein bars should be considered as meal replacers that make use of functional proteins along with sourcing their protein from high-quality isolates and concentrates in association with whole food ingredients. Unfortunately, other protein bar brands in India make use of cheap protein sources and quality like soy protein etc. along with inexpensive ingredients. Thus, you should intake only such protein bars that have the right sources of protein with good quality ingredients.


• A meal replacement protein bar must make use of natural sources of sugar for sweetening unlike artificial sweeteners viz. FOS and Xylitol. For that matter, Rennet & Micelle makes use of approved natural sweeteners like Erythritol and Stevia so that you gain only health not undesired weight. So, whenever you think of choosing protein bars in replacement of your meal, prefer the ones with healthy and natural sources of sugar. 


• A meal replacement protein bar must contain whole and natural food ingredients to fulfill your hunger pangs and stomach emptiness via whole fruits. For this, Rennet & Micelle protein bars strictly prohibit artificial ingredients which are used in a majority of bar brands in India and thus fully comply by whole fruits filled manufacturing of protein bars.


• A meal replacement protein bar must contain only healthy fats so that your body can absorb healthy nutrients to keep you satiated. Rennet & Micelle protein bars are made up of healthy fats which are obtained from high quality imported almonds and raisins instead of using vegetable oils like other protein bar brands in India who openly boasts themselves as healthiest meal replacements.


• A meal replacement bar must contain real fiber to provide immense strength to your body. The protein bars of Rennet & Micelle encapsulates high dietary fiber from France unlike other protein bars available in India with synthetic fibers that are merely used for binding purposes and for giving you fullness without any nutrition.


• A meal replacement bar must be made using real chocolate instead of compound chocolate that is made from Dalda. At Rennet & Micelle, protein bars are manufactured with a motive of providing actual health just like a meal and thus is produced using real quality chocolate. This not only ensures perfect nutrition but also flavor and rich taste.



Since Rennet & Micelle offers high quality ingredients in optimum quantity, be it - the protein content, fiber, sugar, fat and calorie so you can easily grab a bar in replacement of your meal. Moreover, every ingredient is in such a perfect ratio and standard that even a box full of protein bars of Rennet & Micelle will be beneficial for you unlike other protein bars. Right from improvising your health and fitness to preventing any stomach aches and bloating, the protein bars of Rennet & Micelle proves to be best meal replacement bars.