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Best time to consume a Protein Bar

Best time to consume a Protein Bar
28 Jan 2021

Protein bars are a great fit for every lifestyle irrespective of whether you are an athlete looking to refuel, someone who’s just looking for a healthy snack, a busy parent on the go, or a person on a weight loss journey. Protein bars can be a great supplement for a diet that is loaded with fiber, protein, and other added nutrients.

With so many protein bars available in the market—from plant-based to low sugar and more, it’s confusing for customers to choose the right one for themselves and if done so, a health concern always teases them and that is - What’s the best time to eat a protein bar?

A simple answer to the question “Best time of the day to eat a protein bar is quite simple – it's nearby a workout.” As per studies, post-exercise time can be one of the most effective times for consuming small amounts of high-quality protein as it can help in building muscles easily. After a workout, to help repair any exercise-induced muscle damage and for increased muscle growth, the body needs amino acids therefore it can be a great time for eating a protein bar.

22 grams of protein found in the protein bar of Rennet & Micelle – Protein 22 is recommended after a training session as it can easily give the muscles the nutrients they need.

In addition to this, it has been observed over time that both – pre and post-workout times are best for consuming protein bars as consuming healthy and genuine protein bars like Protein 22 by Rennet & Micelle can provide you with muscle strength, body composition, and hypertrophy. In other words, whether you want to eat a protein bar before or immediately after exercise, you are free to do. Don’t worry and grab a Protein 22.