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Benefits of use of functional proteins

Benefits of use of functional proteins
8 Apr 2021

Benefits of use of functional proteins

In simple terms, the proteins that possess biological activity and can directly impact your body are known as functional proteins.

Major benefits of Functional Proteins

1. Boosts Immunity –As bodybuilders need high-intensity workouts for strong build-up, they can be prone to various nervous and gastric problems because of continuous depleting glutathione levels; an antioxidant that regulates glutamine levels in the body for immunity, so functional protein is beneficial for boosting immunity that is why it is considered great for workouts. It acts as a significant role player by providing essential amino acids and thus can help you and your body to extend the workout sessions without gathering physical health problems.  

2. Prevents Muscle Breakdown - Muscle breakdown can also happen when one is trying to build muscle size without any functional protein intake so to prevent muscle breakdown in a high-intensity workout due to lack of protein synthesis in the muscles with intake of functional proteins is a key consideration in fitness and bodybuilding. Functional proteins help by getting absorbed faster into the bloodstream and thus prevent muscle breakage and help the metabolism.

3. Manages Repetitive Cravings - As per studies, starving is not ideal especially when the body burns fat at a rapid rate during muscle building workouts due to the secretion of ghrelin. So, it has been concluded that supplements made up of functional proteins reduce hunger pangs to a great extent.

4. High Fat Loss - Functional protein can be a great choice for you if you want to shred the fats and preserve the muscles. Moreover, it can reduce the intake of calories to a large extent because of being calorie, cholesterol, and fat-free. So, with intake of functional proteins, you can preserve muscles and burn further pushing towards a measured calorific diet. 

5. Improved Muscle Mass – Taking functional proteins helps in eliminating fats from your diet by adding protein to your diet in the purest form thereby not only aiding muscle mass with an increase in the lean tissues but also boosts muscle repair after workout strains.

6. Maintains & Boosts Growth – As your body needs protein for the growth and maintenance of tissues, so depending upon your health and activity level, functional proteins can help divergently. As they are the suppliers of uniform energy so they are the most valuable nutrients for efficient utilization of nutrients throughout the body. 

7. Responsible for Biochemical Reactions - Digestion, muscle contraction, energy production, and blood clotting are few such functions that are performed by functional proteins. Intake of functional proteins can significantly improve the aforesaid body functions thereby avoiding several diseases.

8. Transmits messages – Functional proteins act as chemical messengers between your cells, tissues, and organs communication in the form of hormones viz. insulin that signals the intake of sugar or glucose into the cell, Glucagon due to which liver performs breakdown of stored glucose and ADH that tells the kidneys about water reabsorption and so many more.

9. Builds the structure – The best functional proteins provide cells and tissues with elasticity structure and strength, that's why eating proteins is important.

10. Balance pH levels and other nutrients- As a constant pH is necessary so functional protein regulate acids and bases in your blood and body. Moreover as functional proteins carry substances through the bloodstream by acting as transporters so they store essential nutrients like Vitamins & Minerals by managing a balance of everything in the body.

How Rennet & Micelle Protein Bars fulfill your need of functional proteins? 

Primarily, snack formulations like protein bars have always been on the list of favorites of food and fitness lovers as they provide ingredients with proven health benefits. Moreover, gaining health and eating nutritious food like protein bars due to a hectic and fast lifestyle for fulfilling the desire is possible with genuinely functional protein bars of Rennet & Micelle. 

As a matter of fact, the protein bars offered by Rennet & Micelle makes use of a blend of ingredients and high quality protein sources that are imported from Ireland and the USA. The high-quality protein blend in the protein bars constitutes of Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Concentrate. In comparison to other protein bar brands, Rennet & Micelle doesn’t make use of cheap soy and whey protein rather its protein bars are encapsulated with minimum sugar content, healthy fat, whole food ingredients, optimum calorie count, natural sweeteners, and high dietary & healthy fiber along with real chocolate thereby making the bars filled with exceptional quality ingredients. 

Having said that, you may have found popular protein bars in India giving you a feel of containing easy-to-obtain and inexpensive ingredients but it is a fact that you can’t beat the convenience of Rennet & Micelle Protein Bars that genuinely offers you quality ingredients with great health when you need an energy boost instantly.

Final Wordings

If you're thinking to include protein bars in your diet or the list of your health foods - either as a regular between-meal snack, a partner for your weight management strategy or a grab-and-go option in replacement of a full meal, choosing the bars with good functional proteins is the only best and healthiest option.