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Health Starts with you.

Our story

The promoter of the company is technocrat and has studied in Australia and Singapore. He is a fitness freak and selective in eating healthy food. During his stay in these countries, he found that the protein bars sold in India are not of good quality and is a punishment to eat. He often use to eat protein products in Australia which were quite tasty to eat and easy to digest.

He returned to India with a vision to start a new venture that would offer health, taste and quality! This gave birth to 'Rennet and Micelle Foods Pvt. Ltd, a company committed to promote healthy living across every household. In an attempt to offer world-class quality, the company has transferred technology from a US based firm. As the name spells “Rennet” and “Micelle” are the technical names of two kinds of proteins digested by the human body.This company has state of the art production facility in Northern India with a production capacity of 50,000 units per day. The main USP of the company is good taste and high quality. Eat it to believe it because Health Starts with you..


Dr. Anju Dhingra

The truthiness of the recipe and quality of the ingredients is reflected in the taste. I usually use to get my collection for the protein bars when travelling abroad. After trying work hard Bar-Protein 22, I simply became a fan and stopped eating imported products.

Mahinder Singh (Fitness Trainer)

It never happened to me that I liked to repeat the bar available in market for the second time. Protein 22 and Fitness warrior are different. I have tried all the flavors. They are unique. Eating protein was never such easy.

Ashima Aggarwal (Dietitian / Nutritionist)

Truly speaking, tried protein 22 bars and it was more than I expected. The ingredients list is all natural including flavors. I am impressed that the bar does not use FOS liquid which most of the bars manufacturer use due to the cost benefit. I recommend to all my patients.

Sujata Sharma

Let me just say that these are the best tasting protein bars that I've ever eaten. I've tried brownie bite, Cherry chocolate, Cinnamon roll and they all taste great! Cinnamon roll is probably my favorite (tastes like true cinnamon roll).

Alok Khatri (fitness freak)

I have tried various protein bars to boost my muscle growth post-workout. This bar offers 22 grams of protein. That is great. The protein is of great quality too. I love these bars in different flavor.

Virender Singh (Personal Trainer)

Easily one of the best protein bars I've ever had. The texture is great, chewy and not hard like some bars available in the market. The taste is absolutely wonderful. I strongly recommend to all gym goers.



Harsh Wardhan

Managing Director

Vipin Gandhi

Director Finance

Aditya Vikesh

Head Operations

Mamata Mahanta

Sales & Marketing